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Transistor review – All in one

  • Written by Petrus-Iulian "Devon" Fatu
  • Published in RPG reviews

Closing Thoughts

I am beginning to think SuperGiant Games has a specific formula. The studio takes a hero, a “narrator”, visually appealing aesthetics and a fantastic sound-track, and mixes them together. 

This approach gives way to some memorable, albeit lacking titles. Bastion was somewhat shallow, now Transistor is stubbornly linear. Cloudbank is a colorful city with its ups and downs, but we don’t get to explore it. By the end of the game, there are still many questions left unanswered, even though I read each terminal and followed closely everything happening around Red. There are no mini-games, no puzzles or side-quests to add information about the life in CloudBank, its culture, its nature. This might feed into the game’s melancholy, true, but it also takes away from the overall experience.

At $19.99 I can’t help but recommend Transistor though I would have liked to see more. It is a great game, with an appealing world and a brilliant combat system (even though it does feel trial-and-error at times).

Pros Cons


- Complex, tactical combat;

- Interesting setting;

- Great aesthetic;

- Memorable soundtrack;



 - Very linear;

 - Trial and error encounters;

 - Ambiguous storyline;




 Aesthetic:   9.6 8.9 Storyline:      8.0
Sound:        9.6 Optimization: 8.0
Gameplay:  8.2
Price-point:    9.0



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