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2016's Battlefield game will return to its military roots

  • Written by Petrus-Iulian "Devon" Fatu
  • Published in Shooter news

2016's Battefield game will see the franchise return to its military roots, leaving behind the cops-and-robbers gameplay type of Visceral's Battlefield: Hardline.

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said during the 2014 Global Technology Conference, attended by Gamespot, that the new game is shaping up to be a "fun, new Battlefield." 

"That will be a return to a Battlefield military-style game; more to come on that," he added.

Battlefield Hardline - Screen1

Battlefield Hardline is currently EA's next entry in the Battlefield franchise, scheduled for a March 2015 launch. However, the game was not developed by DICE, instead being worked on by Visceral Games of Dead Space fame. The game is tonally different from previous titles, and has a cops-and-robbers theme going on (even though both cops and robbers have access to military grade equipment). 

Electronic Arts will not prepare a new Battlefield title for Holiday 2015, instead EA will aim to release its new Star Wars: Battlefront game within that window. The game is currently in development at DICE.

As it was previously announced, the new proper Battlefield game - after Hardline - is slated for release during the third quarter of EA's 2017 fiscal year. Taking a look at the normal calendar, this means Battlefield 5 (or whatever else it may be called), will be released sometime between October and December 2016. At the moment all its known about is what DICE producer teased, saying the game will offer "More features. More extras. More destruction."


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