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Fortron FSP Hyper 700 PSU review - One hyper source

  • Written by Petrus-Iulian "Devon" Fatu
  • Published in Case/ PSU reviews

Closer Look

After removing the four screws, I disassembled the power supply and had a look inside, on its design and components used.

FSP Hyper 700 - Opened

The PCB is somewhat small, underpopulated, featuring two small heatsinks. The soldering is decent enough, with no scrapings or added solder balls.

The smoothing, reservoir capacitor is a CapXon (470μF, 420V, 85°C). The secondary side is further filled with CapXon caps. These are not reputable caps unfortunately, and it would have been nice to see some Chemi-Con or Nichi-Con caps instead.

FSP Hyper 700 - Capacitor

The secondary is controlled by a monitoring integrated circuit PS229, for which unfortunately, I couldn't find any specs on the manufacturer website.

FSP Hyper 700 - MCU

The cooling fan is provided by Yate Loon electronics and is the model type D12SH-12 (12V, 0.45A, 2200RPM, 88.0 CFM, and 40 dBA).

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