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Fortron FSP Hyper 700 PSU review - One hyper source

  • Written by Petrus-Iulian "Devon" Fatu
  • Published in Case/ PSU reviews


The Hyper 700 is a budget PSU. It's currently priced at 60EUR, being one of the few PSUs of this calibre available a this price. Sure, the build-quality is average at best, but considering its efficiency, it's more than worth the asking price.


The Hyper 700 is a decent power supply. Not very expensive, and with a performance that seems to match the specs written on the packaging.

On the outside, the PSU is actually impressively built. It features sleeving on each cable and a very subdued design that reminds me of Corsair's low-end series. Unfortunately inside, the build quality is only average.

Still, looking at its pwerformance, suggests a decent enough power-supply, with a dual-rail +12V to ensure voltage stability output, and efficiency figures that align with the provided specs. Yes, it doesn't have the Bronze / Silver Plus certification, but it still manages to retain the apropriate efficiency numbers.


Pros Cons

- High efficiency;
- Stable;
- Decent price;


- Mediocre build-quality;




8.5 7.2 Stability


6.0 Noise



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