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AMD - a quick eye in the last year

AMD has made a lot of announcements this year about their new technologies. Here is a quick view of their most important steps.

Nov 2015: Crimson software suite was launched and brought new performance and features for Radeon series. First real-time HDR rendering demo was shown to the public. Also AMD jumped to 14nm FinFET process for their GPUs.

Mar 2016: Vulkan API was integrated into drivers, offering a new solution for game producers. Radeon Pro Duo was launched to add powerful rendering capabilities and VR development.

Jun 2016: AMD launched Polaris, their new architecture and the first card was RX 480, followed by RX 470 adn RX 460. The new cards also received compatibility with Linux.

Jul 2016: Radeon Pro is born. The WX series brings new features and performance for developers.

Aug 2016: Freesync reaches 101 compatibile displays.


Read more details in this infographic:



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