DrayTek launches Vigor 2860 professional DSL Router/Firewall series

Networking products manufacturer DrayTek today launched a new professional DSL router/firewall – the Vigor 2860 series. The Vigor 2860 is compatible with all mainstream broadband line types including ADSL, ADSL2+, VDSL (BT Infinity), cable modems and 3G/4G modems,making it forward-compatible with future connectivity upgrades. Users can connect up to two 3G/4G modems to provide additional redundancy.

The Vigor 2860n plus also supports simultaneous dual-band wireless standards allowing modern laptops, phones and tablets to make use of the less-congested 5Ghz band, whilst still providing 2.4Ghz access to other devices at the same time.

Vigor 2860n plus

All of the WAN (Internet) connectivity can be used simultaneously to increase your overall bandwidth (load balancing) or set to backup (failover) mode so that your secondary Internet connection methods kick-in when your primary one fails (for example VDSL to 4G).

The Vigor 2860 series features VLANs, wireless guest access, and QoS (Quality of Service priority assurance), capabilities useful for SMEs wanting both firewall security and flexible configurations.

The Vigor 2860 also provides VPN access for up to 32 remote offices or teleworkers, allowing them to access remote systems through a secure encrypted tunnel. The Vigor 2860 can also host teleworkers through SSL VPN connections, enabling remote access from a browser on any remote guest PC.

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