Zend Server 6.2 released

Zend recently announced a new version of Zend Server with strengthened capabilities for infrastructure and release automation.

Zend Server is the platform at the core of the Zend Blueprint for Continuous Delivery application development framework, and provides consistency, automation and collaboration capabilities to each stage of bringing applications from code to production. The Blueprint engenders practical best practices to help companies implement each step of the Continuous Delivery cycle, and includes both the Zend Server platform and a set of patterns that codify best practices for Continuous Integration, Release Automation, Infrastructure Automation and Application Management.


Enhanced Infrastructure Automation

The intelligent provisioning of infrastructure is a vital aspect of Continuous Delivery.
Zend Server provides infrastructure automation through automatic provisioning and configuration control for PHP applications, as well as elastic scaling for cloud-based apps. Zend Server 6.2 has enhanced the application deployment automation workflow by providing the ability to manage and provision virtual host configurations cluster-wide, including specialized support for secure (SSL-based) configurations.

Optimized Release Automation

As a platform for Continuous Delivery, Zend Server provides automated deployment capabilities for PHP applications. These include the ability to automatically deploy apps to a cluster of servers, validate dependencies and use rapid, automated version rollback when needed. In addition, Zend Server now provides the ability to maintain multiple versions of a library on a server, so that different apps with different needs can use them without conflicting. The library management capabilities in Zend Server 6.2 help prevent application errors stemming from library version mismatch or being out of sync across a cluster.

Zend also accepts contributions to the Blueprint patterns, which can be accessed at GitHub, while Zend Server 6.2 itself can be downloaded atwww.zend.com/server .


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