IDrive launches New Facebook Backup feature

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Online backup and cloud storage provider IDrive Inc. recently released Facebook Backup, a new feature to backup and protect data from Facebook. The feature was created to enable users to securely backup pictures and videos from Facebook accounts to the cloud with an easy-to-use process that makes data accessible from anywhere.

"Facebook provides a way to download your pictures and videos, but not those that you are tagged in," says Raghu Kulkarni, CEO of IDrive. "If a friend tags a photo of you and later removes the photo, untags you, 'un-friends' you, or deletes their account, you can no longer access that photo. But, if you've backed it up with IDrive's Facebook Backup, you will always have it protected in your account."

facebook backup

Facebook has evolved into such an important part of social interaction that using the media site to store or share pictures / videos is frequently the chosen way of exchanging data. IDrive's Facebook Backup securely backs up pictures, albums, and videos as well as those in which users are tagged. It also allows users to backup photos incrementally, meaning after the initial backup, each following backup only includes newly added data. All data is stored encrypted with an NSA-proof private key option for heightened security, as many users are concerned with the collection of their online data by government entities such as the NSA.

"There are other services that backup Facebook data, but only to the device, while our solution backs up to the cloud," Kulkarni adds. "Our goal was to create a way for users to securely protect all of their memories while also making them available to access anytime, anywhere."
Facebook Backup is a free feature available to all IDrive users and available for iOS and on any web browser, with an Android version coming soon.

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