Belgium's Radionomy acquires AOL's Shoutcast & Winamp

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Radionomy's acquisition of Winamp and Shoutcast from AOL, will bring the recently deceased MP3-player back to life.

Last year, Winamp, the AOL owned MP3 player was preparing for permanently shutting down on December 20th. Following its demise, a series of rumors suggested that the media player will be purchased and brought back to life.

Winamp Front

It seems that the rumors were true, with the online radio platform provider Radionomy acquiring both Winamp and Shoutcast from AOL for an undisclosed amount. Radionomy already has 6.000 stations in its catalogues, and it pictures itself as a platform that allows anyone to create a channel. With Shoutcast's catalogue of 50.000 radio stations, the company will end up powering pretty much half of all internet radio. The company also intends to work on Winamp, making it the go-to media player across multiple platforms, including mobile devices and car-systems. While Winamp may not become as popular as it once was, the acquisition will at least bring it back from the grave.

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