AVAST introduces SecureLine for Android and new iOS version

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Free open Wi-Fi can be a wonderful thing while on-the-go, but many users are unaware of the security risks involved with connecting to unprotected Wi-Fi. Frequent travelers on the other hand become frustrated when they are unable to access content from their home country. AVAST has created a solution for both of these cases: avast! SecureLine VPN, now available for both iOS and Android devices.

Hackers can easily access and steal the personal data of users connected to the unprotected networks. AVAST has solved this problem with avast! SecureLine VPN for Android smartphones and tablets as well as an updated version of SecureLine for iPhones and iPads. SecureLine acts like a tunnel, encrypting user data, thus forming a virtual shield that makes the user's activities invisible to the outside world. avast! SecureLine VPN users can surf the web completely anonymously, protecting themselves from hackers and snoops.

According to a study conducted by AVAST with more than 340,000 respondents, nearly half of all smartphone owners in the U.S. connect to open Wi-Fi every month, 40% of them on a daily or weekly basis. Whether at an airport, cafe or local park, unsecured Wi-Fi allows users to access the Internet without entering a password. About a third of these users perform security-sensitive transactions while on public Wi-Fi, such as online shopping, banking and other activities that require entering passwords and personal data.

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In addition to protecting users while using unsecure Wi-Fi, avast! SecureLine VPN gives users the option to change their location while browsing. This feature is especially beneficial for frequent travelers, who need to circumvent regional restrictions to access content: avast! SecureLine VPN allows travelers to connect with servers in their home country to access services they subscribe to.

Once avast! SecureLine VPN is installed onto a smartphone or tablet it automatically notifies users of the risks of connecting to unsecured Wi-Fi. The user then has the option of connecting to AVAST's secure VPN. avast! SecureLine VPN can be proactively activated by the user, or be automatically set to establish a secure encrypted connection whenever the mobile device connects to open Wi-Fi. As a default, the app will automatically select the closest server to assure optimal performance. Alternatively, the user can choose to change the virtual location he would like to access the Internet from, e.g. New York, Seattle, Singapore or London. With avast! SecureLine VPN activated all of the users' activities done over the Internet are anonymized and protected from hackers.

avast! SecureLine VPN is available as a monthly subscription for $2.59 or as a yearly subscription for $19.99 for Android on Google Play and for iOS in the Apple App Store.

For businesses, it is especially important that remote workers and traveling employees don't share sensitive business-related information via public Wi-Fi. AVAST's business customers can activate avast! SecureLine VPN for Windows through multi-seat offerings, starting at five PCs, available through AVAST resellers.

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