Team Group releases the C134 micro flash drive, with the size of a NTD $1 coin

The Team Group announced the release of a micro flash drive with the size of a coin, weighing only 3,4 grams: C134.

The miniature flash drive can stick closely on any thin mobile device without interfering with any USB equipment in use or become an obstruction when moving around.

The volume and weight of the flash drive has been significantly reduced by using COB packaging and one-piece technology. Although small, it has a capacity of 4GB-32GB accessing space for unlimited storage.

It's elegant design fits with the design concept of Ultrabook and tablet PCs. It has a zinc alloy exterior with a matte surface, displaying a champagne-gold color.The square silver ring on the top is meant to increase the finger’s force point during usage. 

Team Group - C134 with package

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