Enermax launches a mini-ITX case, a new full-tower and new mobile racks and multi-functional front panels

Enermax announced its new products, which will be presented at CeBIT 2014, 10-14 March 2014, in Germany. The new line include's company's first mini-ITX chassis, the ECA1010, the Thomas GT Full Tower, as well as new mobile racks and multi-functional front panels.

The mini-ITX ECA1010 comes with one 5.25-inch bay for CD/DVD/Bluray drives, anc cand fit maximum two hard disks. Two USB interfaces are at the front, and a third USB port, "SuperSpeedCharger", at the back. The chassis supports ATX- and SFX-format power supplies, and is expected to reach its customers in the third quarter 2014.


The second premiere product is Thormax GT full-tower, with a capacity of 80 litres and a heavy front panel design. The tower is part of the "Ahead of the Game" product line, and supports high-performance gaming machines with E-ATX mainboards and up to four dual-slot graphics cards. Thormax GT includes two 180mm Enermax Apollish fans are included, one behind the front, one at the side, also offering two mounting slots for water cooling systems. Multiple hard disk drives can be housed by the drive bay (the trays are compatible with 3.5-inch/2.5-inch HDD/SSD).


At CeBIT, Enermax will also introduce new mobile racks, made from quality materials, which offer a high functionality and maximum durability. Enermax has integrated key locks and user-friendly mounting and ejection mechanisms, as well as multi-functional front panels with interfaces for external USB devices and memory cards form another new product line within the peripheral section of the premium manufacturer. Two of the models provide one additional performance-capable USB charging port. 


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