[MWC 2014] Larc announces Personal Assistant for Health and Wellness software for Samsung Galaxy S5

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At the Mobile World Congress, Lark's CEO Julia Hu announced the release of the Personal Assistant for Health and Wellness software for Samsung Galaxy S5.

"The Samsung Galaxy S5 and lark's Personal Assistant for Health and Wellness will change the way the world views their smart phone.  It's no longer just a communication device but a highly personalized lifestyle companion powered with tools like lark to support users as they improve their everyday lives. Without any additional wearable sensor, the phone can coach people on how to live healthier.  Not only does it keep track of users' physical activity throughout the day, the lark service will start learning the users' physical activity patterns and behaviors and suggesting the easiest ways for each person to get fitter and healthier," said Julia Hu.

By integrating Lark's platform into their handsets, manufacturers can now develop a health and wellness ecosystem. It also allows the use of new 3rd party wearable technology devices to enhance the ecosystem even more.

With Lark's patent-pending advanced behavioral analysis, machine learning technology, and its cloud-based Expert Recommendation Engine, users will experience a personalized health and wellness application.

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