Paramount Defenses announces the new cyber security solution, Gold Finger 6.0

Paramount Defenses, specialised in cyber security, announced the release of Gold Finger 6.0, Active Directory Audit Tool and cyber security solution.

The tool is designed to adress the the world's most dangerous cyber security risks. All the organizations that are powered by Microsoft's Windows Server platform store their passwords used for authentication, security groups and their memberships in Active Directory. Given its vital role, the Active Directory itself is worthy of the highest protection because if the Active Directory itself is compromised, the entire organization instantly becomes vulnerable to compromise.

The #1 cyber security risk to Active Directory deployments and consequently the world's #1 cyber security is the risk posed by Active Directory Privilege Escalation,which involves a malicious perpetrator escalating their privilege by exploiting unauthorized access grants provisioned in Active Directory to gain administrative access in Active Directory and within minutes, using this access to gain control over the entire IT infrastructure.


Here is where Gold Finger intervenes, identifying exactly who has what authorized and unauthorized effective access granted in an organization's Active Directory deployment. Version 6.0 delivers up to a 5x gain in the speed with which Gold Finger can assess effective access, thus reducing the amount of time taken to analyze effective access by up to 90%.

The company announced a new pricing model designed to make Gold Finger affordable for small, medium and large, private and public organizations worldwide. 

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