SAPPHIRE announced R9 280 Dual-X and R9 280X Vapor-X Tri-X

SAPPHIRE announced two new models in the R9 series of their graphics accelerators for the PC: SAPPHIRE R9 280 and a new version of SAPPHIRE R9 280X Vapor-X.

The SAPPHIRE R9 280 features the company's Dual-X cooler. Dual-X, with its two aerofoil fans, and graduated heatpipes, is an efficient and quiet cooler. This new model has 3GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 1250MHz (5GHz effective) and a GCN core with 1792 stream processors clocked at 850MHz (up to 940MHz with Boost).


With support for DirectX 11.2 this card is built to play the latest games at higher resolutions. Its Ultra HD graphics processor can feed the new 4K displays through the HDMI 1.4a interface or DisplayPort v1.2 outputs. The on-board Dual BIOS supports both UEFI and legacy systems.

At the same time, SAPPHIRE is introducing a new version of R9 280X Vapor-X model, combining Vapor-X cooling with its new Tri-X triple fan design. With an enhanced GCN core with 2048 stream processors, the R9 280X Vapor-X model is factory overclocked to 1GHz core (1100MHz with Boost) and 1500MHz (6GHz effectively) memory.


The products in this family deliver all the features of AMD's GCN architecture. They all feature AMD Image Enhancement technology, Power Management and multi-monitor support with AMD Eyefinity, as well as AMD HD3D support for stereoscopic output. They also support AMD CrossFire for enhanced performance using multiple cards in a suitable CrossFire enabled mainboard and AMD APP Acceleration.

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