OTOY announces an update for OctaneRender and the new .ORBX file format

OTOY Inc. announced that is has updated its OctaneRender software, introducing new features and flexibility for artists and animators. The company also launched a new file format called .ORBX. The .ORBX file format houses a comprehensive array of computer-generated scene data, enabling precise renderings possible across 15 of the top 3D modeling applications.

Version 1.5 of OctaneRender is now available as a standalone client and via Octane Cloud Workstation with updated plugins for 3D applications rolling out shortly.

The new version of the software includes the .ORBX 3D interchange file format, designed in close collaboration with Autodesk and Mozilla to be a flexible container for a wide range of uses beyond computer graphics, including video, 3D printing, holography, design and engineering. The .ORBX format supports the modeling of physical properties of a scene or object down to two hundredths of a nanometer, or a quarter of the size of a hydrogen atom.

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The software also includes a new node system, for easier management of complex scenes. This system has been rebuilt to allow simpler management and navigation of all elements in a scene, particularly as more intricate elements such as Alembic or .ORBX files are used with greater frequency.

Along with the .ORBX file format, OctaneRender 1.5 supports the importing of .ABC Alembic files. Also, it gives users or third-party developers the ability to add functionality to the Standalone Edition, such as the creation of widgets, using a scriptable API based on Lua.

OctaneRender 1.5 is available now for 199 Euros or at no charge to paying users of previous versions.

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