DTS and Unified Streaming announce support for HLS and Microsoft Smooth Streaming

DTS announced that, together with Unified Streaming, it will launch an extension of their existing relationship to incorporate the DTS Layered Audio Stream Reconstruction SDK into the Unified Streaming Platform to encompass support for HLS and Microsoft Smooth Streaming.


By adding support for the DTS Layered Audio Stream Reconstruction SDK, streaming services will now benefit of using the DTS-HD Layered Audio technology as an adaptive bit-rate solution via three streaming protocols: HLS, Microsoft Smooth Streaming and MPEG-DASH.

"The DTS-HD Layered Audio codec was designed to address the inherent issues with traditional multi-encode adaptive bit-rate audio streaming solutions," said Mark Johnson, vice president of streaming and media solutions, DTS. "By maintaining DTS' efficient single-encode approach and being able to extract several quality layers out of that encode, the DTS-HD Layered Audio codec empowers streaming services to cost-effectively deliver a seamless, scalable audio experience, even in challenging broadband conditions, to any device or software featuring a DTS-HD audio decoder, all from a single file."

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