Sunset Overdrive receives the first gameplay trailer

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Microsoft and Insomniac Games published a four-minute trailer for Sunset Overdrive, the only other interesting Xbox One exclusive.

Last year’s E3 there are only a handful of Xbox exclusives, with Sunset Overdrive being one of the few stand-out titles. However, we had nothing more than a very colorful CGI trailer, with lots of blue and orange, and record guns. Well, the developer Insomniac Games has released the first gameplay trailer, and it is glorious.

At first, the trailer presents the story a little bit, but it doesn’t spend too much time on it, because it immediately goes into game mechanics. The game enjoys speed, with player being able to run on walls, grind rails and zip around everywhere, in one of the most entertaining parkour implementations seen in games.

Sunset Overdrive Herker 2

Sunset Overdrive takes place in 2027 in the middle of an Energy Drink powered mutant outbreak. The NPC factions encountered in the game include “Troop Bushido” and the Fagarths (LARPers who fit perfectly in a zombie apocalypse).

Whilst the enemies are not zombies per-se, they are very similar, with some mutants “borrowed” from Left 4 Dead, such as the Blower, able to blow acid at the player. 

Insomniac also announced a special Day One edition (similar to Ryse, Dead Rising, and Forza versions launched alongside Xbox One) which will great access to the Nothing but Hits gun, shooting vinyl records (the gun seen in the trailer), the Me! Fizzie! Outfit granting access to the Overcharge mascot costume, and the Hardcore Hammer, made of a bat and spiked dumbbells.

Sunset Overdrive is coming this fall for Xbox One. More details are expected to come from E3 in June.


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