Bound by Flame review – Watching the world burn

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Bound by Flame could have been a great game. The premise is decent, there are plenty of elements that could have been genuinely fun, if well implemented. Alas, in its current state, the game is absolutely broken, not necessarily awful, but most assuredly not worth your time. 

What annoys me the most is I can see where the game botched things up. It's so easy to trace what went wrong, what wasn't tested enough, and what works great individually, but once brought together it falls apart.

Currently priced at 39,99€ on Steam, there's just no way I could recommend this game.

Pros Cons


- Interesting loot;

- Great crafting system;





- Horribly broken;

- Unbalanced;

- Cringeworthy voice-acting;

- Bad level design;



 Aesthetic:   6.0 5.5 Storyline:      4.0
Sound:        5.0 Optimization: 9.0
Gameplay:  3.0
Price-point:    4.5
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