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Bound by Flame's plot is not clever, nor is it inventive or original. However, I can't have any hard feelings about it, not when the story is presented with so much earnestness and stupid glee. Set in a world where humanity and elvenkind (no dwarves, this is a serious game!) are facing extinction, the Freedom Blades and the Red Scribes are working on a solution against the walking corpse problem. The undead are called Deadwalkers, and are controlled by Ice Lords, powerful sorcerers with ridiculous names (Lord Blackfrost, Black Storm, Crystal).

Enter Vulcan, a member of the Freedom Blades who unwillingly gets possessed by a fire-demon and finds out he or she has flame based abilities. The demonic powers are there to aid the hero, but at a cost. Every time Vulcan gives in to the demon, he/she loses a bit of himself/herself and phyiscally becomes more akin to a demon.

Bound by Flame - General 

The story progressess slowly, with many characters popping up, waiting to be questioned. However, none of it makes sense. It's almost amazing how convoluted the premise gets a few hours in. So if you're looking for something clever, Bound by Flame isn't for you; but if you're looking for something fun and dumb, with the brain being an optional tool, then you might get a few laughs out of it.

Dialogue is by far the silliest. It reminds me of really low-budget 90s action flicks, with characters using fuck, shit and cunt instead of commas. It's almost funny how someone tries to act all sympathetic but throws in around 3 fucks in a paragraph. That, paired with the cringeworthy puns makes it cheeze-fest glorious. I was actually upset when the game started acting serious.

 Bound by Flame - Dialogue

What I won't forgive is the lazyiness with which the developers "borrowed" terms from other works of fiction. With the swamp town called Valvenor or the steppes of Caraldthras (come on, that's two letters short!), it's quite clear where Spiders got its inspiration from.

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