External storage support for Xbox One coming in June

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Microsoft is preparing to add external storage support for Xbox One via June’s firmware update, but the console requires devices of at least 256GB of free space.

With the external drive support, you can plug in the external storage and choose new applications to be installed on said drive by default. The platform can work with up to two external drivers simultaneously.

Xbox Controller

Moving installed titles between internal storage and external drives is also fairly simple – as seen in the video available below.

Real name support is also integrated, which means you will be asked if you want to opt-in to show your real name alongside your gamertag, and choose to show it friends, or friends of friends.

Automatic sign-in without Kinect for chosen account is also enabled, most likely due to the fact that a new wave of consoles without Kinect are ready to be shipped out.

Support for Xbox One SmartGlass app features are coming, allowing you to customize elements via touch and receive alerts when friends are broadcasting via Twitch.

OneGuide TV listings and universal TV remote functionality are also going to be made available on SmartGlass. The update eliminates the Xbox Live Gold subscription requirements for entertainment apps, so all users can access services like Youtube, Skype and Internet Explorer without any additional fees.

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