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Minor Spoilers warning!

The game starts with Red standing over a corpse with a large swordlike item lodged through its chest. She is, was a singer, but her voice was stolen. Pulling out the titular Transistor from said corpse, she is greeted by a gruff and familiar voice who will accompany her throughout the campaign. 

The story first relays what happened earlier in the night with Red and her nameless friend. It recounts key moments to the plot, and paints a grim picture of what the city, Cloudbank is going through. Other than that, Transistor pulls a Dark Souls, and hides bits and pieces of info everyhwere.

Transistor - Red

The giant sword-like item, with its melancholic voice, sets the tone and delivers much of the game's emotional weight. With Red being unable to talk, the sword narrates almost everything: encounters, enemies, corpses, abilities and locations. He often talks to her (expecting no answer), and expresses regret for actions it didn't take when it still had a body.

Red uses stations scattered across Cloudbank to type in questions and observations to the world and the Transistor as well. In time, these back-and-forths help shape a character for her, something more than just the traditional silent protagonist.  

 Transistor - Cloudbank

Transistor does have a diverse cast of characters (unfortunately all of 'em are dead, sort of), and plenty of twists and turns. It's story may feel labyrinthine at times, though the campaign is alarmingly linear, and you can finish the game knowing only a glimpse of what's going on.

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