Wolfenstein: The New Order review – Silly in the best possible way

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A lot of heart was put into this game, this is obvious. It reminds us why we loved classical FPSes, but also does its best to be an enjoyable current-gen shooter experience. It doesn’t overflow with originality gameplay-wise but it is certainly fun to play, is aesthetically pleasing and over-the-top, and has a lot of potential for replayability.

Currently priced at 49,99€ or your regional equivalent, I’d wholeheartedly recommend it to Wolfenstein fans, or people who enjoy First Person Shooters in general.

Pros Cons


- Varied ways to kill nazies;

- Fantastic Optimization

- Many weapons;

- Looks really pretty;


 - Texture pop-in;

 - Rudimentary stealth;




 Aesthetic:   9.0 8.0 Storyline:      7.0
Sound:        8.6 Optimization: 9.2
Gameplay:  8.2
Price-point:    8.0
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