Wolfenstein: The New Order review – Silly in the best possible way

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Where the storyline is concerned, Wolfenstein: The New Order is without a doubt a character-driven piece. Almost every main character is memorable, interesting and strong. From the sarcastic, foul mouthed Scottish World War II pilot who is later a member of the resistance with you, the slightly mad genius Tekla (my favourite) who spends her days in an empty room with wall to wall scribblings, trying to mathematically predict the fate of the world, to the gentle giant Max Haas who will remind fans of a certain historical fantasy TV show of a certain character who also only ever says his own name. There are many more but I don’t wish to spoil the pleasure of discovering them for yourself.

Wolfenstein New Order - CaughtUp

Unfortunately, of all characters the one who seems the most bland and one-note is the main man himself, B.J. Blazkowicz. He is by no means without a personality, but one can only listen to ravaged internal monologues about the horrors of war for so long without getting a little tired.

The storyline itself isn’t terribly innovative, though it is competently done, and serves more as a backdrop for the characters to shine and an excuse to showcase crazy Nazi diesel-punk technology, alternative timelines and moon-bases. The New Order’s world looks like the love child of Red Alert and Iron Skies. 

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