Watch Dogs review - Magical hacking


Watch Dogs is a massive game, with so much content available it could keep someone entertained for weeks. Ubisoft did a fantastic job at matching these bits and pieces together, so that it doesn't become overwhelming or too tedious. Sure, the game feels like a mix of previous Ubisoft games, and some of the mechanics (reputation, in-game economy) are not as useful as one might expect, but these are minor complaints when talking about such an expansive game.

However, being a PC gamer, I just cannot overlook the state the game is in. The port is poorly optimized, with many a flaw, and oddly enough, not even having the same fidelity it was originally presented with back in 2012. Yet, if you can get over the technical aspects, Watch Dogs is a joy to play through, being one of the most believable and entertaining open-world games available.


Pros Cons


- Massive city to explore;

- Hacking grants a different sensation of empowerment;

- Many, many side-missions;

- Fun digital trips;

- Interesting chast of characters;



- Poorly optimized;

- Boring lead-character;

- In-game economy is rather pointless;





 Aesthetic:   8.6 8.5 Storyline:      8.0
Sound:        8.8 Optimization: 6.2
Gameplay:  9.2
Price-point:    8.0 
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