Watch Dogs review - Magical hacking


You play as Aiden Pearce, a gruff-talking hacker wearing a trench-coat and a baseball cap. After a botched hacking job, some really dangerous people start hunting Pearce, hurting family members in the process. By exploiting the universal Operating System for the entire city, ctOS, Pearce becomes cyber-Batman, dishing out justice on the streets of Chicago. However, his old-life comes back to haunt him, and soon enough, he's embroiled in a conspiracy theorist's wet dream.

As you might have guessed, the story doesn't get any originality points, using plenty of clichés to get things moving. The cast is interesting, and the level of polish and presentation is absolutely fantastic. The more you play, meeting villains and allies, putting things together and having a chat with everyone, the more the game grows on you.

Watch Dogs - Hi

Sadly, its weakest link is Aiden himself, who is boring at his best, infuriating at his worst. He’s the kind of fella who lost someone close, and this makes him feel entitled to justice, or rather vengeance, at any cost. Another white guy with a deep voice, acting all morally righteous whilst wantonly ploughing through pedestrians.

The campaign, comprised of five, really lengthy chapters starts out small, presenting the world, Aiden, and his allies. It then grows into something much greater, throwing in as many twists and turns as it possibly can. At times, the story grips you, keeps you trudging through each chapter, for the promise of another piece of what's really going on. Unfortunately, there's also a great deal of faffing about, wasting time between point A and point B, doing chores for one bloke or another.

Watch Dogs - Always

However, that's not the only thing Watch Dogs has to offer. In true sandbox fashion, there's enough content to go through, that you could spend entire days wandering around, and not even touch the main story.

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