E3 2014: SteelSeries reveals Sentry Eye-tracker and Stratus XL iOS controller

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SteelSeries has revealed a gaming-focused eye-tracking camera, the Sentry, as well as a large (console sized) iOS controller dubbed Stratus XL.

SteellSeries has been working alongside Tobii Technology, the leading company in the field of eye tracking, to develop the Sentry Eye Tracker, a visual coach able to provide the ability to track, benchmark and analyze eye movement and behaviour during gameplay. Sentry works by tracking fixations per minute (FPM), meaning how often the user shifts his or her gaze  around the screen.

Sentry Eye Tracking

In order to provide a standard for the eye-tracking stats, SteelSeries is collaborating with proffesional gamers to establish peak performance goals. This benchmarking is set to allow users to compare their eye movements in gaming sessions with those of professional-level champions. 

"We are constantly looking for ways to improve, even if its improvement at a granular level, that will sometimes be the difference between death and victory. Our players are incredibly motivated to not only use the Sentry Eye Tracker for their own gaming, but to be able to create standards that other players can measure their progress against." said Patrik 'cArn' Sättermon, chief gaming officer and former captain of Team Fnatic, in a press release.

SteelSeries Sentry

The Sentry Eye Tracker is not only set to benchmark eye movement, but Tobii and SteelSeries are also working into using the camera to control games by using eye movements in the future.

The company also announced the Stratus XL controller today. This is a console-sized follow-up to the original Stratus, the pocket-sized wireless controller that debuted back in January, at CES. The Bluetooth wireless Stratus XL supports iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and borrows a thing or two from the Xbox One controller.

Stratus XL


Set to deliver about 40 hours of gameplay using 2 AA batteries, the controller features red LED indicator lights that display the number of players connected to a device during multi-player matches – allowing up to 4 controllers to connect to a single device.

“We have been working for well over a year now on perfecting the wireless controller experience for iOS devices. We have been incredibly impressed by the way the SteelSeries Stratus has been received by consumers so far and we are looking forward to introducing the Stratus XL to the iOS gaming community - who have been asking for a full-sized controller option,” said Tino Soelberg, SteelSeries CTO. 

Both the Sentry and the Stratus XL will be available later this year.



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