E3 2014: No Man's Sky having its debut on PS4

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During Sony's E3 presentation on Monday, the developers behind Joe Danger, Hello Games gave us another look at their ridiculously ambitious space exploration sim, No Man's Sky.

The 2 minute clip provides with a glimpse of what the studio's co-founder Sean Murray called an "infinite universe." The trailer presents a very colorful planet inhabited by dinosaur like creatures, then gives us a glimpse of space-travel and ends with another rockier planet.

No Mans Sky

No Man's Sky features a procedurally generated universe, where each player starts from a different planet and sets out to explore the stars. Everything is procedurally generated, from flora, fauna, locations, planets, stars, everything is unique.

"One of the things we wanted to put across is that No Man's Sky is a game without limits," says Hello Games founder Sean Murray. "That mountain in the distance is a real place you can visit. So is that planet. And that star." Murray says that the time since the game's initial reveal has seen the team add "hundreds of new procedural systems that have made the universe explode with new alien creatures, amazing geological formations and vegetation patterns, pirates and wingmen."

Hello Games' studio flooded over the Christmas holiday, damaging a chunk of the studios' personal effects and equipment. However, this didn't put the small development house down, quite the contrary.

"For the last year there have been four of us working in a locked room, creating No Man's Sky," he said. "Actually the flood brought us all together, forced us back into a cramped little room - the whole team. It's been really positive, and it's felt like the right time for us to have more people help make this insanely ambitious game."

No Man's Sky will launch "console first" on PS4, though at the time of writing we don't have an official release date.


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