E3 2014: Roccat unveils the keyboard and pad combo, Sova

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During this year's E3, Roccat revealed the Sova, a "modular wireless keyboard and mousepad combo, designed with extreme durability, for extreme play, in the comfort of your living room." It mixes a Roccat mechanical keyboard with an extendable / retractable mouse-pad, and is designed to rest on your legs.

The Sova featurespadded leg rests and ergonomic palm rest in order to make sure that "three hours of gaming are just as comfortable and fun as fifteen." The combo is also designed to be completely customizable. “PC gamers utilize an increasing number of peripherals to bolster their gaming experience, and give themselves an edge. Skype, second-screen options, apps like ROCCAT’s Power-Grid; when we began conceptualizing the Sova, we knew it had to be more than a wireless keyboard and mousepad for your lap." Roccat wrote in the press release. "The tech savvy can even create their own gadgets and peripherals with a 3D printer and integrate them using Sova’s modularity; it’s that flexible. The Sova also had to be adjustable, because we know one size does not fit all. The designers and engineers hit a homerun on all fronts.” 

One could see to whom this device is aimed towards. With the Steam Machine around the corner, and Valve still tweaking its controller to match the keyboard and mouse set-up, Roccat's Sova fills in this spot perfectly.

ROCCAT Sova silver

“Streaming your PC games to a living room television has always meant sacrifice, particularly with wireless devices not manufactured for competitive players. We wanted to create a new instrument, a wireless keyboard and mousepad combo free of heavy latency, made with premium materials with a level of durability players can feel, that allows for hours of interruption free gameplay from the comfort of the couch. With the ROCCAT Sova, we are confident we have struck this balance with amazing accuracy. We are very excited to give PC gamers an option to expand their play space, without giving up the tools they prefer.” ROCCAT founder and CEO René Korte said.

As one might expect, the Sova is a resilient piece of technology. The combo is encased in aluminum, whilst the keyboard part uses mechanical switches. 

ROCCAT Sova silver2

The device is designed to sync up with the smartphone and integrates Roccat's Power-Grid software. As versatility is the word of the day, Sova will support multiple platforms (SteamOS, Android, Windows and Mac), though it is designed for the upcoming Steam Boxes. "We believe platforms like the Steam Box are fantastic, and we want everyone to be able to access them equally" says Rene.

Roccat is showcasing Sova at E3 2014 this week.


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