HyperX Cloud gaming headset review - A Cloud to remember

Value & Price-range

Being available for $92.99, the HyperX Cloud is probably the best option in its price-bracket. The angular shapes, brightly colored plastic and mandatory light-shows are eschewed in favor of a more conservative look, a terrific build quality, and a great deal of versatility.


HyperX is in the mid-range bracket for gaming headsets. It's a bit cheaper than the Takstar Pro80, and oddly enough, cheaper than the QH-90. Overall, this is a music-oriented pair of cans, one that didn't forgo its original design. This means increased build quality, and a pleasant listening experience, with gaming becoming a secondary consideration, especially competitive gaming where sound matters. 

HyperX Cloud - Bag

From my perspective, the trade-off is well worth it. There's just not enough flat and detailed gaming headsets on the market, and almost none under the $100 mark. There are even fewer gamer cans so well built, ready to be used on the go.

Pros Cons


 - Detailed, pleasant sound;

- Almost flat signature;

-  Plenty of accessories;

- Excellent build-quality;

- Shallow soundstage;

- Not enough punch in the bass;


Build Quality

9.2 9.1 Audio-Quality


8.5 Microphone



Price & Value




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