ASUS Strix Pro gaming headset review - A giant owl

ASUS recently released the Strix gaming peripheral line-up, consisting of: a mouse, a headset, a mechanical keyboard, and some mats. As it happens, we got our hands on the Strix Pro, the owl-eye headset, so we gave it a bash.

ASUS already has 4 gamer oriented cans, the Echelon (from the Echelon line-up), the Vulcan (the original ROG headset), the Orion, and the Cerberus. Now, we’ve also got Strix, the largest of the bunch, a very agressive headset with massive cups and a suspended headband.

ASUS Strix Gaming Headset - Product Shot 

On paper, Strix is supposed to be the series containing items on-par with ROG, but offering something unique, a gimmick of sorts. In the case of our over-ear owl, pretty much everything is unique, from its 60mm drivers, and 110-130mm cups, to the 5-pole 3.5mm jack, and curious volume control remote. From my limited experience, there's no other gaming headset to present itself in such a way way. 

Is it any good though? Well, let's take a look.

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