ASUS Strix Pro gaming headset review - A giant owl


Overall, Strix is a very comfortable headset. The headband is soft and will not cause any strain, and the cushions don't even come in contact with the ears. However, there are some worries about it, especially in the long run. You see, this is a particularly heavy headset, with most of its weight concentrated in the cups. This means that they will end up slipping down on your ears. Oddly enough, the plastic frame is rigid, but the suspension band doesn't do a good job at gripping your head.  Whilst it didn't hurt or cause any discomfort, after a few hours of use, I couldn't help but notice this "peculiarity."

The cushions themselves are impressive. They're soft, slow to retract once pressure is placed n them, and since the cups are so massive, they don't exert any pressure on the ears. In fact, I'd say there's at a least a finger width of space between the ear and the cusion, or it should be, if it wouldn't slide down.



Driver Diameter: 60 mm


Microphone: -40dB ±  3dB
Headphone: 98 ±3 dB

Frequency Response

Headphone: 20 ~20.000Hz
Microphone: 50 ~ 16.000Hz

Maximum Input



32 Ohm

Cable & Connection

Cable: 1.2m + 1.5m (controller);
Connection: 4-Pole 3.5mm Mac, Mobile and Tablets, 2x3-Pole 3.5mm for PC;

Noise cancelling

Microphone ENC >90% environmental noise cancellation


320 g


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