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At the time of writing, the Strix is priced at the $99, the same as ASUS' ROG Vulcan, and HyperX's Cloud. I am not sure it warrants such a price-point, since the build quality is not on par with any of these two headsets. However, the signature is unique; there's literally no gaming headset that I personally tried, to sound like it. I guess it depends on what you're looking for. If you want a pair of cans that actually provides a competitive edge, and you don't have $200 (or more) to spare, the Strix might be a good deal. However, note that it's performance out of a gaming scenario has diminishing returns.


Strix is a mixed bag. It is an interesting proposal, with plenty of unique features attached to it, but I feel the overall package needs some improvement. The build quality doesn't come close to other similarly priced offerings, even those coming from ASUS, and the audio is curious, to say the least. The general sound signature is questionable, whilst the unique gaming "performance" is limited to only a small number of games.

However, Strix is the first of its name, and improving on the concept seems like a very easy thing to do. Here's to hoping Strix 2.0 adresses most of my aforementioned concerns.


Pros Cons

 - Wide and deep soundstage;

- Plenty of accessories;

-  Good microphone;

- Environmental Noise Cancellation works great;

- Very sharp, unpleasant treble;

- Questionable build quality;





Build Quality

7.7 8.0 Audio-Quality


9.2 Microphone



Price & Value
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