ASUS Echelon mechanical keyboard review - Part of the elite

Closer Look

Though the mech is lightweight, Echelon uses a proper steel mount. It isn't as robust as the one we saw (a long time ago) on mechs like CM Storm QuickFire TK or Tesoro's Durandal G1NL, but that doesn't have any negative impact on the keyboard's overall stability.

ASUS Echelon Mechanical Keyboard - PCB Front

Turning the plate over, we get a glimpse at the green PCB, which is actually cleaner than QPAD MK-85's, and it isn't covered in excess adhesive either.

ASUS Echelon Mechanical Keyboard - PCB Back


In-Game &  day to day use

ASUS doesn't seem to provide any software. This means the mech is less similar to the MK-85, and more akin to SteelSeries 7G. Both mechs use PS2 for NKRO, and both Cherry-MX Black switches, though strangely enough, Echelon's keys are not as stiff as 7G's.

When it comes to typing and extended periods of use, I cannot complain. Just like the MK-85, Echelon's wrist-rest was absolutely fantastic. The whole rubber coating is absolutely fantastic, since it provides a pleasant feel for both the wrists, and the fingers gliding over each key.


According to the package, the mech comes with NKRO via PS/2 and only 6-key rollover via USB. This is kind of a cop-out, since there are many mechs able to provide NKRO via USB. Still, I will not dwelve into it too much, after all NKRO via PS/2 is easily achievable, and 6key rollover is the minimum standard for a mechanical keyboard.

Sadly, here's where I would have liked to see more (maybe the keyboard is actually budget priced, that'd explain a lot), but given what we have, we can still make good use of it.

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