ASUS Echelon gaming mouse review - Coated in camouflage


Similar to the GX1000, the software package seems rudimentary, though it sports several stand-out features. Everything is split up in three main Tabs: Customize (where the user assigns pre-determined functions, binds application launching to certain keys, or maps out certain macros), Performance (sensor options, polling rate), and Macro.


This could be called the software's main window. Here, we have a nice crushed image of the mouse, with available buttons and the Default layout. The Profile Tab in the left-upper corner enables the creation (and selection) of profiles, though there are no profile specific options available. Each button (with the exception of Left Click) can be reassigned a number of options, from Windows Short-cuts to Macros or Application Launch (there are no application specific profiles or button layouts). A very nice addition is the option to control what scrolling back and forth does, feature missing even from higher-end models, like Logitech's G502 Proteus Core.

ASUS Echelon Gaming Mouse - Software Package


Performance is where you can choose up to 5 DPI stages, ranging from 90 to 5600, in 90DPI increments. The soft also enables independent X & Y axis DPI customization, as well choosing lift-off distance (since AVAGO ADNS-9500 supports from 1 to 5mm lift-detection, it's safe to assume each of the five stages represents another mm).

Lastly, we have Polling Rate settings ranging from 125Hz (8ms delay) to 1000Hz (1ms delay) and Key Repeat Speed.

ASUS Echelon Gaming Mouse - Software Sensor


The Macro Tab is pretty much identical to the one encountered on the GX1000, with only one slight change. Instead of supporting up to 84 mouse & keyboard combinations, the software allows a maximum of 20 to be used. That is great for anyone interested in creating simple macros, but not so much for those who are looking to create scripts.

ASUS Echelon Gaming Mouse - Software Macro

Sure, the software bundle isn't as extensive as the SteelSeries Engine, the Synapse, or even Logitech's software package, but it does offer quite a lot of options for your average gamer.

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