Philips Fidelio L2 headphone review - Hurray for detail


The Fidelio L2 is currently priced at $280. This puts in the mid to high-end bracket for the portable cans alongside V-Moda M-100, Senheiser Momentum, Focal Spirit One and Bower & Wilkins P5. Now, I haven't had the chance to try the Focal Spirit One or B&W P5, but compared to the Momentum or even the M-100, I'd give the cookie to the L2.

Why? Well, Momentum relies on fidelity, a flatter response curve, and a lot more detail. However, what it doesn't have is the sound-stage and layering. I could honestly listen for hours to a track where drums are bouncing from left to right, and that experience just isn't the same on the Momentum.

Whilst for M-100, well the sound is stronger on the M-100, but it is also somewhat brighter, maybe a bit more agressive. Whilst it still sounds great, L2 is smoother.


Overall, Philips built a lot upon the previous iteration, and L2 is a great pair of cans. It isn't really a true hi-fi headphone. It's not made to compare to something like Senheiser's HD-800, or Audio Technica's ATH 2000 (it's also considerably cheaper than these). No, Philips Fidelio L2 is a great mi-fi pair of hans, one that manages to impress. Sure, there are some issues, I particaularly have a problem with that narrow headband, but the overall package is worth its weight. 

Thanks Philips for providing us with a sample for this Review!


Pros Cons

 - Wide and deep soundstage;

- Tight, controlled bass;

- Smooth, airy treble;
- Great build quality;

- Great in-line microphone;


- The headband isn't very comfortable;



Build Quality

9.1 9.1 Audio-Quality


8.2 Microphone



Price & Value



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