Brainwavz S1 earphones review - An interesting promise


The S1 is not a hi-fi pair of IEMs, and its price-point is indicative of that. Currently, they're available for $59.50, £37.00, 59.90€, and from what I've seen and heard, I'd say you're getting a great deal out of 'em. These are an almost balanced pair of IEMs, able to work around most music genres. As an overall package there's no doubt you're getting more than you pay for.


The S1 is a great pair of in-ear headphones, and once you take into consideration its price-point it actually becomes a bargain. The sound signature is good, it's actually impressive for $60, since I've tried +$100 pairs that didn't sound as great. They're are also built like in-ear tanks, both bulky and damn resilient. 

I have some small complaints though, the bass could have been slightly tighter, and the soundstage deeper, but overall, these are minor-ish concerns, ones that go out the window, when you consider the asking price.

Thanks Brainwavz for providing us with a sample for this Review!


Pros Cons


- Great build quality;

- Worth every penny;

- Punchy bass;

- Good fit once you get the proper tips;


- Somewhat bulky design;

- The bass could be tighter; 



Build Quality

9.0 8.8 Audio-Quality


8.4 Design



Price & Value




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