Brainwavz S1 earphones review - An interesting promise

First Look

Once I got my hands on the mid-sized box S1 came in with, and tore it apart, I was greeted by the phones themselves as well as a semi-hard carrying case. Inside the case, there was an airplane adapter, 1 pair of medium comply foam tips, 3 pairs of standard black single flange silicone tips, 1 pair of large bi-flange tips, 1 pair of large tri-flange tips, and 3 pairs of soft-grey single flange silicone tips.

 Brainwavz in ear SP1 - Accessory

Overall, this is a pretty extensive line-up of accessories for a budget pair of IEMs.

Build Quality

What can I say about the build quality? The S1 looks really well made, the kind of IEMs that could take a beating. It's housing is made entirely out of metal, and the flat cable is really, really thick, almost to a fault.

 Brainwavz in ear SP1 - Earphones

The strain relief on the housing and the 45 degree 3.5mm plug is also very well built, though bulky, whilst the Y-Split is absolutely massive. S1 also comes with a chin slider, which means they can be used on the run, and they're most assuredly able to take almost everything you throw at them.

 Brainwavz in ear SP1 - Cable

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