Phanteks released the Enthoo Luxe and the Enthoo accessories

Phanteks announce the release of the Enthoo Luxe and the new Enthoo Series accessories line, which includes the PWM hub, SSD bracket, pump bracket, Y-Splitter and multicolor LED strips. The Enthoo Luxe’s chassis combines flexibility and functionality without the added cost. A case worthy for all computer enthusiasts that want a great  aircooling or watercooling case.

The Enthoo Luxe front and top aluminum panels are sandblasted to create a textured appearance. This allows for an attractive and practical solution to reduce the appearance of fingerprints on the case. LED ambient lighting stretches all through the top and front of the case creating luminous edges and providing an indirect light effect.

The Luxe’s interior design only showcases the mainboard and it’s components while isolating the power supply out of sight with the included power supply cover. This removable cover not only isolates the power supply from view but also acts as a thermal shield from the rest of the case.

Phanteks Enthoo Luxe

 Fully equipped with many accessories, including 2x removable Drop-n-Lock SSD brackets, PWM hub, pump bracket, reservoir bracket, and PSU cover.

For cooling, the Luxe has an exceptional watercooling potential. The Enthoo Luxe can mount various sizes of radiators to four different locations on the case. A watercooling heaven for many watercooling enthusiasts.

“We tried to implement all the rich features from the Primo into a smaller case and position it in a lower price segment. Features such as being very versatile, having a spacious and clean interior and of course making it very easy to build water-cooling systems is what the Enthoo Series is all about.” - Boon, Designer of the Enthoo Series.

Phanteks Enthoo Luxe interior


It will be available at most local retailers in August, 2014 for the recommended retail price:

  • PH-ES614L_BK : € 139,90 / £119.99 (VAT included)
  • PH-ES614L_WT : € 149,90 / £129.99 (VAT included)


Whether upgrading or adding to your current case or the Enthoo cases, the accessories will help make modding that much more easy.

The PWM hub (PH-PWHUB_01) provides users with the power to control and connect up to 8 fans with one single hub, delivering PWM capabilities to all fans that are connected to it. The hub is now enclosed inside a cover with a illuminated logo that lights up when powered on. If 6 fans are not enough, the retail Y-splitter can be the solution to your problem. The Y-Splitter (PH-CB-Y3P) allows you to connect 2 fans to each fan header on the PWM hub, up to 11 fans total (requires extra PH-CB-Y3P).

Phanteks Enthoo PWM hub

Upgrading storage capacity to your Enthoo cases can now be easier with the SSD brackets. For the Pro, a single slot SSD bracket (PH-SDBKT_01) is available to maximize your storage and a double slot SSD bracket (PH-SDBKT_02) is available for the Enthoo Primo.

Phanteks Enthoo SSD bracket

There are many different watercooling pumps out there and choosing one is very diffcult. The pump bracket (PH-PUMBKT_01) will be an easy upgrade with the pre-drilled mounting holes which is compatible with many of the water pumps on the market.

Phanteks Enthoo pump bracket

Transform your Enthoo Luxe with Phanteks’ multicolor LED waterproof strips. Double sided 3M tape to keep the LED firm on your chassis and installaiton is easy with the plug and play connector. When plugged into the Luxe, the LED strip can be adjusted using the Luxe’s LED Switch to match the Luxe’s LED colors. The Multi-colored LED comes in two lengths, 2 meter (PH-LEDKT_M2) and 1 meter (PH-LEDKT_M1).


it will be available at most local retailers in August, 2014 for the recommended retail price:

  • PH-PWHUB_01 : €14,90/ £12.99 (VAT included)
  • PH-CB-Y3P : € 2,90 / £2.99 (VAT included)
  • PH-PUMBKT_01 : € 6,90 / £5.99 (VAT included)
  • PH-SDBKT_01 : € 5,90 / £4.99 (VAT included)
  • PH-SDBKT_02 : € 6,90 / £5.99 (VAT included)
  • PH-LEDKT_M1 : € 14,90 / £13.99 (VAT included)
  • PH-LEDKT_M2 : € 19,90 / £16.99 (VAT included)


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