ASUS RoG Swift PG278Q G-Sync monitor review - The First RoG monitor

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This wouldn't have been a cheap monitor in any circumstance, and since its the first of its kind, that amps the price even further. It might end up being cheaper once other G-Sync enabled monitors pop-up, but for the time being, RoG Swift PG278Q is available for $799.


My first impressions of the ASUS RoG Swift PG278Q are very positive. The first Republic of Gamers monitor stands as a premium product, and one of the best RoG branded items on the market today.

Mixing G-Sync, high refresh-rate and the 1440p resolution, and an appealing design, creates a fairly interesting offer. Sure, the TN panel might not be perfect for color and contrast accuracy, IPS still ruling said domain, but for pixel response rate and speed, it's clearly one of the best ways to go. Overall, PG278Q is one of the best monitors current monitors for gaming.

That may change (ACER announced a 4K G-Sync ready monitor back in May), but for the moment, there's nothing that can hold a candle to PG278Q's impressive performance.

Pros Cons


- Excellent gaming experience;
- G-Sync;

- Great image quality for a TN panel;


- Limited viewing angles;
- Connectivity only via DisplayPort;



Build Quality

9.0 8.7 Image-Quality


8.5 Design


9.0  Price & Value



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