Sims 4 might feature a Premium Membership Service

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The Sims 4 looks like it’s going to be packed with a Premium Membership Service, which will provide early access to new expansion packs.

During a new 20 minute gameplay walkthrough video, an advertisement, visible for only a brief second, suggested the game will feature premium memberships. Electronic Arts already has a similar service in place for Battlefield.

Sims 4 - Gamescom

The advertisement, visible at 13:26, reads: “The Sims 4 premium. Save on new packs with early access and exclusive items. Becoming a Premium member to get early access to three new packs, with exclusive items. Your Sims can throw a spooky costume party, camp in the great outdoors, and toast to the new year in style.

Ryan Vaughan, the game’s producer, pointed out at the beginning of the video that what was shown, is taken from a month-old beta software, so it represented an unfinished version of the game.

The Premium Membership system could be implemented in various ways. Sims Expansion packs are very expensive, so the service might provide a cheaper alternative for fans. However, Electronic Arts doesn’t really have a good track record when it comes to this kind of monetization.

Earlier this month, EA announced that several features, which had been implemented in previous titles, such as pools or toddlers, would not be included in the game at launch. Of course, it is expected for these to be added at a later date.

The Sims 4 is to be released worldwide on September 2.

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