ASUS PB287Q monitor review - 4K for the masses

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In the past two years, the 4K market has expanded considerably. This year's CES saw not only 4k screens, but a lot of UHD cameras as well. Whilst I didn't originally jump on the bandwagon (not really an affordable bandwagon, mind you), ASUS thought I could give it a whirl. So, that's how the PB287Q 28 inch LCD monitor got dropped in my lap for a review.

Whilst 4K displays are getting cheaper and cheaper, they still don't manage to secure their own place in the consumer market. There are still many trade-offs to the increased resolution, and the price-point (as well as the lack of content) doesn't make them a very good deal, at the moment. However, 4K is not the gimmick 3D was a few years back. It can be improved a lot, and it seems many manufacturers are working on better iterations with each passing day. 

 ASUS PG287 - Product Shot

This generation (as well as the past one) of UHD displays still suffers from the refresh rate problem. With most 2160p screens not having even the standard 60hz refresh rate, there's a a lot of motion blur going on, which means a great deal of motion resolution is being lost when something on the screen is moving. This is why almost every available 4K demonstration is of slow panning shots and still images. 

Still, ASUS has a broad line-up of displays, so it begs the question, where does PB287Q stand in the current UHD offering. Well, the price-point puts in the consumer bracket, and it also uses a more traditional 10-bit TN panel, capable of displaying up to 1.07 biilion colors, which is not really on par with the more expensive alternatives, like ASUS' more dedicated PQ321Q. However, that doesn't mean the screen looks bad by any stretch of the imagination. There's something for all with this screen, including a sRGB mode for the color accurate folk, 1ms GTG response rate and even 60Hz (display-port) in 4K.

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