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The first single-player expansion for Hearthstone 'Curse of Naxxramas' has landed today with the Spider Wing, its 3 bosses and 6 card rewards, which are made available for everyone. 

Blizzard has been spreading small bits of info regarding Hearthstone's Naxxramas for the past few weeks. Actually, last night, just hours before release, the official Facebook page presented the last bout of cards, sparking up wish-fulfilment and extreme theorycrafting from fans. For many, Naxxramas is Hearthstone's revival.

 Hearthstone Naxxramas - Adventure

Until the 'Curse of Naxxramas' expansion was made available, a plethora of decks and combos were already tried and tested. Most classes played the same "successful" template to ramp up to 'Legendary' quickly. This is how you ended up knowing who you were playing against in the first turn, and only had to measure up and see if your own deck standed against the staples.

Naxx changes this, at least a wee bit. I am certain these 6 cards are not enough, but all 30 should shape things up a bit for at least a few weeks.

I was ready for some good Hearthstone matches. Of course, I slammed into a brick wall, since the servers weren't really working, but eventually, I had a chance to actually play the game. Alas, in about an hour, I cleared through the three available bosses, dealt with the 2 class challenges, and earned the 6 card rewards in the process.

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