X2 Aurel gaming headset review - Budget surprise


X2 Aurel is currently priced at $ 69.95, or € 52.95, which is a bargain for what you're getting. The sound might not be stellar, but it's fairly decent for its price-point, matching headphones that are over $100. 


X2 worked on creating a great pair of cans. Sure, there are some misses, but overall, the headset hits its target. It's also one of the few neutral-ish gaming cans under $100, and that alone should be a selling point. Overall, compared to other cans in its price-range, the Logitech G230 for example, Aurel has a better build-quality, and even a more pleasant sound, though the sound-stage is more claustrophobic. 

I might say Aurel is an entry-level audiophile & gaming-headset hybrid, or something of the sort. It takes bits from both worlds, though it doesn't fully commit to any of them. 


Pros Cons

 - Excellent build quality;
- Decent in-line microphone;
- Clear, pleasant mids;
- Great price

- Headband slightly uncomfortable;
- Claustrophobic soundstage; 




Build Quality

9.0 8.4 Audio-Quality


8.6 Microphone


9.0 Price & Value



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