Tesoro Lobera Supreme G5NL mechanical keyboard review - Rainbow sword

After a long, long time, I finally got my hands on another Tesoro mech, this time the Lobera G5NL Supreme. This one however, is different than anything I've previously touched. First of all, it’s the first mech I tried to benefit from multi-colored backlighting, and that alone makes this entire review a lot more interesting.

Why? Because color variety backlighting is usually a common trait of plunger type keyboards, not mechs. Yes, Corsair has unveiled an RGB Cherry-MX backlit variant of their K70 and K95, but it carries an exclusive tag, until at least the end of the year. What this means is that any mech that offers the rainbow has to do so using a different switch. In Tesoro's Lobera Supreme G5NL case, said switch-type is Kalih, and we got the black variant to try out.

 Tesoro Lobera G5NL - Product Image

While Kalih might be the only unknown variable, everything else follows the already established Tesoro standard. It has a historically legendary weapon name, this time the Wolfslayer, sword of Saint Ferdinand III, King of Castile. It sports some similar angular aesthetics to the Durandal G1NL Supreme, and uses the same brushed metal texture. However, for every similarity, there's at least one difference to be had.

There are many things to be discussed about the Lobera Supreme, some good (great even), others, not so much. Without further ado, let's see what Lobera Supreme G5NL mechanical keyboard is all about.

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