Tesoro Lobera Supreme G5NL mechanical keyboard review - Rainbow sword


Lobera is not a cheap mech. It currently is priced at $140, and that might be a bit too pricy for some pockets. The mech justifies this asking price by adding the rainbow-colored lighting to the mix, but also with what could be described as a great build quality. This is also the same asking price for premium Cherry MX keyboards like G710+ or K95, and Lobera Supreme G5NL seems to fit the bill.

Yeah, the Kalih switch is a completely unknown variable, one that could be worse than Cherry, or match it in performance. 


Overall I kinda like the Lobera Supreme, kinda being the keyword here. It could have a monster of a mechanical keyboard (the kind people always use as a reference when talking on obscure forums), with a plethora of features, great build quality, and a certain unique aesthetic. However, it doesn’t quite hit the mark, though it comes close to it.

There are several small problems I couldn’t overlook, including the rather short DC-Cable for the USB-Hub, the DC-In positioning, and the software’s UI. Add to this the great “unknown” and my point is made. Yet I liked it, despite all that. Why?

Because there’s no other mech to offer such a complete package (NKRO, macro, thumb-keys, multi-colored backlighting, multiple profiles). Say what you will about Tesoro, but when it comes to mechs, they have a unique approach to making ‘em, and they are improving with each iteration.

Pros Cons


- Every key can be assigned a macro;

- Great build quality;

- Many, many colors;

- Somewhat pricy;

- Difficult to use software;

Build:         9.0 8.5 Performance:      9.0
Ergonomics: 7.8  Features:            9.0
Design:         9.0
Price/Quality:     7.8
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