Tesoro Lobera Supreme G5NL mechanical keyboard review - Rainbow sword


Day to day use

Yea, the Kalih switches are not really the same thing as Cherry, and I have grown to long the clickety-clack-clack from bottoming out. After a few dozen hours working with it, I can safely say that even though the key feels stiff, it’s lighter than the MX-Black, and each press feels mushier.

That's also part of its appeal (in some cases). If you wanted a mech that is silent, Lobera might be for you. 


A gaming keyboard however, must game, or at least be used to game. So, how does Lobera Supreme perform in that department? Not bad, actually.

When it comes to macros, Tesoro’s approach leaves me wanting more. Make no mistake, having the power to rewrite every available key with a macro is a great thing, but I would have wanted some dedicated buttons for the job as well. I guess that’s what the three Thumb-Keys are there for, but sometimes, 3 is just not enough. However, for non-squid people like me, I imagine that this shouldn’t feel like a loss.

Windows lock-out is also present, as well as multiple profiles and on-board memory. However, I cannot detail how much memory is available, since there’s no written text about storage space.

Lastly, NKRO is available, and works like it should. Due to compatibility issues and such, the mech also has the option to switch between 6KRO and NKRO via the FN modifier.

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