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It's time to actually see what Microsoft has prepared for Gamescom, and the media briefing is slated to kick off at 15:00 in Cologne. We're expecting something Halo related, mayhaps a bit of Quantum Break (maaaybe we'll see some gameplay eventually). 

Microsoft is broadcasting the briefing through Xbox Live, Xbox.com, Twitch and the Windows Phone App. 

Gamescom 2014 - Microsoft liveblog

Below you check up the updates:

16:26 Wrapping things up - pre-orders, pre-loading, bundles, exclusives.

16:25 Several other Halo bundles are showcased.

16:24 Items unlocked in beta will care over to the full game.

16:23 Halo 5 Beta will have 60 FPS, and seven maps.

16:16  The Master Chief Collection producer Dan Ayoub takes the stage to talk about the bundle. Also shows a remake of Halo 2.

16:13 Halo & Twitch partner up.

16:12 December 29th The Halo 5 Guardians Multiplayer will be made available for 3 weeks.

16:12 The Halo Channel - A new home for Halo. 

16:11 Now Bonnie Ross took the stage to talk about Halo

16:10 Sunset Overdrive Game Bundle for $399 available. It's a white Xbox One.

16:09 Loud, but at least it looks nice.

16:08 Sunset Drive splurges loads of color, mostly orange and blue, again.

16:07 Ted Price from Insomniac Games is talking about Sunset Overdrive.

16:06 Ori and the Blind Forest slated for release on Xbox One and PC this holiday.

16:03 We get a sneak peak of the indie Game Ori, developed by the European Moon Studios.

16:02 Forza Horizon 2 slated for launch on September for Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

15:59 Ah, Driveatars, they're always there, even when you play by yourself.

15:59 Forza Horizon 2 will be "the most social racing game ever made." I wonder what Driveclub has to say about this.

15:58 Forza Horizon to set to run in 1080p on Xbox One. The game is also slated to come on Xbox 360.

15:56 Turn 10'S Dan GreeWalt talking about Forza.

15:55 It's called ScreamRide, and is exclusive for Xbox One.

15:54 A new stylised Frontiere game, like Rollercoaster Tycoon.

15:53 The beta will begin October 16. You can sign up for the multiplayer now.

15:51 Fable Legends is now presented.

15:49 That was Quantum Break. It's slated to be launched in 2015, exclusively on Xbox One.

15:47 Of course, the enemy is a corporation, this one's called Monarch.

15:47 Everything except the protagonist, Jack is frozen up.

15:46 Quantum Break will also come with a TV-show apparently.

15:44 Of course, some cover-based shooting, because, why not?

15:43 Finally some time-moded gameplay!

15:40 We also get some more info about Quantum Break, the Remedy Entertainment Xbox-exclusive.

15:38 Rise of the Tomb Raider is an Xbox Exclusive and it launches Holiday 2015.

15:37 We see a showcase of an Evolve multiplayer match.

15:35 Evolve showcased. The beta will in January on Xbox One, ahead of the release in Feburary.

15:34 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare bundles 1TB hard-drive and the game for $499

15:24 Now we have a Call od Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer, showcasing the exosuit.

15:22 That's all for ID@Xbox.

15:21 Smite is also making its console debut on Xbox One. "MOBA action comes to Xbox One," the trailer announces

15:20 A game called the Escapists, looking very similar to Prison Architech, developed by Team 17 (folks behind Worms).

15:16 Space Engineers is making its console debut on Xbox One. Also Super Hot looks awesome.

15:14 Wait, did I just hear Goat Simulator?

15:14 A round-up of ID@Xbox Games, including Fruit Ninja Kinect 2, Gunscape, and Goat Simulator!

15:14 FIFA 15 is over, and we're moving to the ID@Xbox. This is Microsoft's indie publishing.

15:12 EA rolls a trailer showing off some of the new "legends" to be made available with FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, including Andreas Breheme, Roberto Carlos, Roy Keane, Sir Bobby Moore;

15:10 EA brings out FIFA legend Peter Schemichel to discuss about the Ultimate Team Mode

15:08 FIFA 15 will get exclusive legends for Xbox, Spencer says.

15:05 One big exclusive is to be revealed. We also get a reminder of multi-platform games like Grand Theft Auto V, DestinY, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, FIFA 15 that'll come on Xbox One.

15:05 Spencer talks about how great it is to be an Xbox One owner; The platform is "the best place to play"

15:04 Microsoft's head of Xbox, Phil Spencer is now on Stage. He's thanking fans for tuning in at the moment.

15:03 Now Gregor Bieler of Xbox Germany is on stage, talking in German. Gamescom is in Cologne after all.

15:01 There's an Assassin's Creed Unity Trailer, Ubisoft's new addition to the Assassin's Creed Franchise on Xbox One, PS4, and PC

15:00 The conference just kicked off!

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