[Gamescom 2014] DayZ coming to PS4

  • Published in Gamescom news

DayZ is slated to arrive to PlayStation 4, its creator Dean Hall has confirmed.

The game’s Project-Director Dean Hall took to the stage during Sony’s Media Briefing at Gamescom on Tuesday to announce DayZ is to be ported on PS4.

DayZ Early Access

Although Hall didn't provide any detail regarding the console version, he did say the making of the PS4 port has given the developer the chance to also improve the game as a whole.

"Creating the PS4 version has given us cause to expand the overall project", stated Dean Hall, announcing a major graphical upgrade to all DayZ versions.

Back in May, the standalone DayZ game had already sold 2 million copies.

DayZ was originally an open-world survival mod for ARMA 2, and last year, working alongside Bohemia Interactive, a standalone Alpha version hit Steam's Early Access Program on December 16, 2013. The game is still in Early Access and receives consistent updates.


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