SteelSeries Rival gaming mouse review - A contender to?

SteelSeries moved away from the Sensei (Kana, Kinzu) ambidextrous design with its new gaming mouse, dubbed Rival. In fact, the mouse is unique in SS' rodent line-up. Since one reached my inbox a while ago, I should see what it's made of.

I have to admit, I have been spoiled by Logitech's G502 Proteus Core. It was a very fine-tuned rodent with a palm-grip design, and a brilliant sensor. Yet, I am not ready to dismiss every mouse just because it doesn’t follow the same standards. I intend to give the benefit of a doubt to each and every peripheral that I get to play with. However, I feel that Rival doesn’t need said disclaimer, because it actually ticks the same boxes, and even though it’s not that similar to G502, it’s still a new-age mouse.

SteelSeries Rival - Product Shot 

By new-age, I don’t anything spiritual, that’d be insane. No instead, I refer to a new approach when it comes to designing rodents. Until recently (some still follow the old trend, make no mistake), when building a mouse, all you had to do was throw larger and larger DPI numbers, a few flashy lights, and a good marketing campaign and you had a successful product. 2014 saw a change though. We saw manufacturers polishing and refining their products, working on ergonomics, and trying to diminish jitter, prediction or acceleration issues.

Before anyone throws a torch at me for not mentioning Zowie, yes, they were there, but always the outlier. A company that worked on creating simple, ambidextrous shaped rodents with a rabid fan base, but never mass appeal. Yet, with G502, G402, Naos 7000, and even SteelSeries’ Rival, I see a refreshing change in trends.

It’s time to get off the soapbox, and start talking about the bloody Rival.

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